Model Co Contour Stick Review

model co contour stick

So I am terribly angry at my place for having such a bad lighting. Lately I cannot take a single photo I like, all of them are too cool -blue under toned and I am simply hopeless in my sorrow..

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Three Blogging Mistakes I Make

lush skincare empties

I´m awful as a blogger. I am disorganised, never stick to an schedule and sometimes forget to blog. Matter fact, this post you´re reading right now is being drafted live right before hitting publish in a few hours..

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Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB Cream

yves rocher bb cream skincare natural

Samples are life and I definitely appreciate when shops allow us to try their products with no need to buy a full size. I am a hoarder, then, and keep all of them safe for special occasions such as travelling or running out of stocks..

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First Impressions: The Body Shop Matcha Clearing Mask

the body shop vegan skincare cruelty free mask

Funny how I have been planning on trying Matcha tea for months now but never got the opportunity. Ironic though, because I really don´t like tea −I try so hard to love it, in vain- but the only way I can have it is skincare form..

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