The Sea In Your Eyes: Kiko Blue Eyeliner

kiko blue eyeliner summer cruelty free makeup

If you are a 90´s baby  you will know two things: flares were cool, and blue eye shadow was the only makeup colour you needed. Kind of embarrasing to remember those days though, but I must stay true to my old days..

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Sephora Sales Haul

sephora summer haul red lips white nails

Office days are finally coming to an end, I can see myself laying in Menorca coves while the sea rocks me to sleep. Yes, that is my goal and nothing is stopping me from it. But before the calm comes the storm,  and no body can save from the endless shifts I´m going through until next week..

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My Top Summer Beauty Essentials

summer essentials staples beauty

And it´s four of them. They can be swap, but I recommend having all of them in your makeup pouch for a last minute touching up scene. Surely I may have forgotten some other important stuff, such as drinking enough water, but we´ll get to that soon.. Continue reading