Catrice Pore Refining Primer, I Love You

catrice primer pore refiner cruelty free

I have a long list of products I want to marry, because that´s what beauty bloggers do. I want to live life my way, you know? Some people dream with Prince Charming but I, I dream with skincare and make up for the rest of my days..  Continue reading


My Top Tip For Perfect Red Lips

tips for perfect red lips mary kay nyx lipstick lipliner

My hands are usually steady until it involves applying lipstick. In that case, my heartbeat starts to increase, my palms get sweaty and my hands shake. No, it´s not a rendition on Emininem´s Lose Yourself (althought that´d be pretty sick), it´s just me trying to get my lipstick right..  Continue reading

Cruelty Free Makeup ft. Catrice & Sleek

budget haul catrice sleek cruelty free vegan makeup

Long was the time I haven´t post a proper makeup haul. And I definetely don´t need anything else, but last Friday was payday and was feeling like I suppose the rich kids of instagram feel all the time. #Treatyoself is not about a day, is a lifestyle.. Continue reading