My Sheet Mask Stash

sephora sheet masks skincare

This words are in collaboration with my sister, Paula, current sponsor of this post and who kindly repurchased a few masks after using mine (sharing is caring). Also, if by any chance you are a PR and want to sponsor -and spoil- the writer of this blog (me) don´t be shy..

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The Sample Life: Hair Edit

klorane volumen shampoo conditioner with magnolia brilliant hair cruelty free

My favourite shampoo in travel sized pockets is what dreams are made of. My hair, thick and untameable, is as rebelious as myself anytime I don´t get enough attention. It gets clingy, dry and does not allow anyone´s touch.. Continue reading

The Sea In Your Eyes: Kiko Blue Eyeliner

kiko blue eyeliner summer cruelty free makeup

If you are a 90´s baby  you will know two things: flares were cool, and blue eye shadow was the only makeup colour you needed. Kind of embarrasing to remember those days though, but I must stay true to my old days..

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Sephora Sales Haul

sephora summer haul red lips white nails

Office days are finally coming to an end, I can see myself laying in Menorca coves while the sea rocks me to sleep. Yes, that is my goal and nothing is stopping me from it. But before the calm comes the storm,  and no body can save from the endless shifts I´m going through until next week..

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The Five Minute Masks

This weather is unreal and I´m two dregress away from melting. Living hell, on earth. My office doesn´t have a proper aircon so I´m basically sweating my life off day by day Because hot weather doesn´t even make sense if there´s not a beach, a pool or -at least- a mojito to enjoy (rise your hands if you agree, I´m feeling it for you too)..

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