Kiko Skincare Haul

kiko haul skincare cruelty free

I´ve been kind of lacking off the motivation to do a proper skincare routine lately, maybe because this moving out situ is messing with my brain and refuses to do anything productive with myself..

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Elvive Phytoclear Shampoo And Scrub

elvive loreal dandruff hair healthy

Last week I went to the hairdresser. Yes, I went for the big chop, I reckon it was 20 cm off my head, and soul. It was relieving to feel my hair healthy again, soft and bouncy. My hairdresser was so nice, and she told me a few interesting things about my scalp and hair..

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My First Vegan Foundation

vegan cruelty foundation make up

Madrid has this thing where you can find anything. I´m too weak for this city, everything seems better and more beautiful. That exact shop I can find in the village looks even more incredible in the city. The vintage vibes are real as well. I´m in love..

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