Pre Christmas Kiko Makeup Haul

kiko makeup haul cruelty free vegan christmas

Still battling holidays blues since last weeks five free days, there´s a feeling inside me that makes me eager for Christmas and spending sometime in my hometown. This is what it feels like to be with my sister again, after she leaves I can´t think properly..

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Skin & Body Season Add-Ons

winter skincare body care natural vegan

If anyone is wondering, Madrid is freaking freezing. It´s been two weeks since temperatures have dropped to minimum, and my skin is definitely not taking it. It´s a good thing though that at least is sunny almost everyday, I am slowly becoming a sunflower looking for some sunshine lately..

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First Impressions: The Body Shop Matcha Clearing Mask

the body shop vegan skincare cruelty free mask

Funny how I have been planning on trying Matcha tea for months now but never got the opportunity. Ironic though, because I really don´t like tea −I try so hard to love it, in vain- but the only way I can have it is skincare form..

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A Review: Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Micellar Oil

doble cleansing oil skincare sensitive skin camomile yves rocher

I don´t know if I mentioned this on the blog yet but it´s been two months since I started the gym, best desition ever made. I not only feel good, I also look pretty good if I can say so myself..

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