A Few Autumn Favourites

cruelty free skincare and makeup rituals natural catrice

They had warned me, but I didn’t listen. Apparently weaher in Madrid is hella crazy, in a blink of an eye temperature drops ten degrees and that’s what you’ve got..

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The Weekender #42: On;

Maybe before settling in the city I had a different plan, but right now I wouldn´t change anything that happened for any reason. This week has been a reality check, started my new job, moved into my house and finally trying to close past issues..

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An Eyelash Primer?

mary kay eyelash primer mascara long lashes black

If there´s a primer for your face, why not for your lashes. My sister swears by this, and even if sometimes I don´t even bother to curl my lashes because they can hold the curl themselves pretty well, there´s a moment when you discover the product that changes everything..

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