The Blue Mascara I Was Looking For

mercadona deliplus mascara de pestañas azul blue mascara

There´s a moment for eveything and right now the moment is blue. Blue because it´s been forever my favourite colour and I love it, and also because everything just leads me to it. Clear blue sea, and blue skies. The pieces click tohether in perfect armony..

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A Little Menorca Update

menorca sunset summer

Sometimes I´m thankful I started this blog almost four -was it five?- years ago. I love talking, and I love writing. I keep my own personal diary, but sometimes I just feel like I need to share things around here, maybe looking for some kind of support I can´t get right here right now..

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The New Thing: Eye Masks

eye masks skincare tired eyesIt´s safe to say I´ve cried a river on the last few months. Me, a stone cold gal who rarely sheds a tear  -re: watching titanic-, have become a cry baby for the sake of it. I´m just extremely sensitive lately, may the period be behind it, or may I simply crashed and give into the crying therapy..

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