The Weekender #48: Sisters

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So today is my sister´s last day in the city and I am devastated we have to be adults and running away from our responsibilities is not an actual option for us. Adulthood sucks but at least Christmas break is closer than yesterday so not everything is that bad.. Continue reading


Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Scrub For Glowy Skin

On to a few things that have made my life better these days, I must count in the fact that it was holiday yesterday and it´ll be holiday tomorrow again, my sister is here in Madrid with me and the city is the emptiest I´ve eve seen..

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The Weekender #47: December

Quick post to talk you through my whereabouts this week and next week. Firstly, it´s December!!!!!! Where did November go? Where did October go?? Hell this year passed by so quickly I can´t believe I am turning yet another year older..

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Three Blogging Mistakes I Make

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I´m awful as a blogger. I am disorganised, never stick to an schedule and sometimes forget to blog. Matter fact, this post you´re reading right now is being drafted live right before hitting publish in a few hours..

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Yves Rocher Sublime Skin BB Cream

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Samples are life and I definitely appreciate when shops allow us to try their products with no need to buy a full size. I am a hoarder, then, and keep all of them safe for special occasions such as travelling or running out of stocks..

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