Minimal On My Neck

hm necklace minimal jewellery

A bare neck, that´s all about it. Flesh, bones, and maybe a couple of freckles. Never have I ever been a necklace lover, nor have I fallen into the choker trend. Something about them makes me anxious, maybe they kind of turn me on too.. Continue reading

My New Bimba & Lola Bag

bimba y lola bolso bag fashion vogue

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for things in life, such as having a friend living in Madrid who also happens to live in the flat with best natural light I´ve ever seen. Maybe simply a good thing for the rest of mortals, but important as f*ck for bloggers like moi who crave  the perfect exposure..

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Blogmas Day #20: The Mango Sandals I´ll Be Wearing These Holidays

mango velvet sandals winter christmas party makeup

You go out and see them. They look calm but beautiful. Blue, like the sea, and dark like the night. It doesn´t even matter the fact that you don´t wear heels anymore because, the arrow is already in your heart  -sinking deep..

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My New Alpe Shoes

shoes alpe new fashion trend

When it comes to shoes, I´m never jaded –I can never settle down for one, not two pairs. Truth said I´m very difficult to be satisfied, you see, I love all of them.  But be it coincidence or just a destiny twist, everything came together as soon as I saw them.. Continue reading