The weekender #29: Cute Illustrations And Ikea Trips

illustration drawing art shoes

I have been on a mission for the past months, which consist of giving my bedroom a serious makeover. Ditching my previous furniture that covered almost all of the space available, I´m definitely going for a more minimalist style.. Continue reading

A Few Autumn Favourites

Autumn favourites.jpg

The world marks the start of Autumn in September, most likely when tree leaves start to turn yellow and summer breeze spins into a rather cold in your face air. To me, however, fall season began the day I wore socks to sleep because my feet were freezing.. Continue reading

My Mom´s Skincare Routine

skincare routine

My mom, my biggest fan. Ever since I started blogging, she has been a loyal supporter, always there. In all of the almost 400 posts –phew, that wasn´t easy to say- she has never done anything but praise my work. It was only about time to give her some space in Carlotarules.. Continue reading