My Sheet Mask Stash

sephora sheet masks skincare

This words are in collaboration with my sister, Paula, current sponsor of this post and who kindly repurchased a few masks after using mine (sharing is caring). Also, if by any chance you are a PR and want to sponsor -and spoil- the writer of this blog (me) don´t be shy..

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The Blue Mascara I Was Looking For

mercadona deliplus mascara de pestañas azul blue mascara

There´s a moment for eveything and right now the moment is blue. Blue because it´s been forever my favourite colour and I love it, and also because everything just leads me to it. Clear blue sea, and blue skies. The pieces click tohether in perfect armony..

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The Sample Life: Hair Edit

klorane volumen shampoo conditioner with magnolia brilliant hair cruelty free

My favourite shampoo in travel sized pockets is what dreams are made of. My hair, thick and untameable, is as rebelious as myself anytime I don´t get enough attention. It gets clingy, dry and does not allow anyone´s touch.. Continue reading

A Little Menorca Update

menorca sunset summer

Sometimes I´m thankful I started this blog almost four -was it five?- years ago. I love talking, and I love writing. I keep my own personal diary, but sometimes I just feel like I need to share things around here, maybe looking for some kind of support I can´t get right here right now..

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