My DIY Business Cards

2016-09-23 10.50.08 1.jpg

It´s safe to say my Photoshop skills are pretty limited. It´s just one of those tools that are made to make you angry –if you are a graphic designer reading this you´ll understand. Supposedly, I was meant to learn how to use it in uni, but you know, why make the most of my classes when I can argue with my friends which member of One Direction is the hottest (hey, Zayn).. Continue reading

The Weekender #27: Art Musueums And A Rain Break

Weekender 27.jpg

Ever since my sister and I saw a little piece in the newspaper about the Hyperrealist Sculpture exhibitions we knew we wanted to go. Fitting this little escape wasn´t easy, our schedules are so different we don´t even see each other until the evening.. Continue reading

What´s In My Makeup Bag

2016-09-23 11.04.05 1.jpg

“I should start packing” said no one ever. A rather nervous knock on the door from my sister, a quick chat about whether we should really bring heels or not makes everything clear: maybe shoving it all in the suitcase isn´t a bad idea after all.. Continue reading