The Konjac Sponge

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My sister has been learning Korean for a couple of months now and I guess the asian fever has reached its peak last week. I am jealous of her because speaking korean is so cool –she is cool tbh– but I just decided to start trying some asian beauty products to get going..  Continue reading

New In Natural Beauty: Cattier & Neobio

2017-03-11 11.51.jpg

Apologies I have been absent on the nlog for the past week, I don´t know why but I´ve been feeling a little bit out of love with the blog. Maybe is because I am aswell tired of routine, same things, same days all day long..  Continue reading

My Go To Face Moisturizers: Kiehl´s & Sephora

favourite moisturizers sephora skincare kiehls

It was Spring last week and it is winter again, there´s no way anyone can handle this madness, nevermind my skin. Not to talk about the frustration of walking out in a bright sunshine and coming back to a dark sky..

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